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1.       Only challenges and answers to the challenges may be posted to the community.
(You may not post just some random works and if you can't advertise anything here).
2.       Posts with challenges are posted once a month, around 10th-13th.
3.       You may answer the challenge until the new post with quotes is posted. Then the old one is deleted and you cannot post answers to that challenge.
4.       Quotes are only inspirations. You don’t have to use them word by word. You may paraphrase, use only part of them or just do something inspired by them, but without the actual quote appearing in the work.
5.       The answer to a challenge may be any kind of fanwork. Fanfiction, Fanarts, Fanvids, photo-manipulations, whatever, really.
6.       You don't sing up for a challenge. Whenever the new quotes are posted you may create for any of them and post before the post with new quotes will be posted. (You still may answer the quotes-post to say something about them or whatever, but you don't have to claim.)
7.       One person may answer to more than one quote.  More than one person can answer the same prompt.

8.       You can do your fanwork about whatever you want, but since not everybody has the same kinks and likes the same things, please remember to rate your fanwork and write few words of warnings. Also, it’s required to note the inspiring quote in the post.
9.     TAGS are very important, because tags are very important.

In tags you write fandom:(name of the fandom), type:(fic/art/manip/etc), challenge#(number of the challenge you're answering to), challenge#(yes,again)quote#(number of the quote), author:(your nick).

If there aren't tags you want/need to use than don't, I will tag the post and the next time you'll be able to use them.
10.   Stories, manpis, arts, etc. should be posted under lj-cut. Every post needs to contain this:

(If any. If not, write: 'Original Fiction' here).
(please,play nice and don't spoil in any way those who don't want to be spoiled)

If there are any other questions, please comment and ask :)